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Nantico TPU is available in the wide range of properties aiming to satisfy commonly requests in footwear industry, while maintaining all common requirements

  • Large range of harnesses starting from 50 Shore A till 95 Shore A
  • Variation of the density
  • Special qualities for safety and special shoes

In combination with Nantico masterbatches (additives and color) we can respond to the demands for

  • Special effects like shiny or opaque
  • Special effects to match the aspect of vulcanized rubber
  • Matching required color grade
  • Improving UV resistance of the soles
  • Improving hydrolyzes resistance

In line with regulations for safety shoes Nantico offers TPU characterized by compact outsole as well as comfortable midsole.

  • Abrasion resistance,
  • oil or grease resistance and
  • Reduced density of TPU for midsole
  • Improving UV resistance of the soles
  • flexibility are greatly improved by making good use of high molecular weight TPU

Nantico offers typical, but robust and reliable TPU’s for this industry

Our range of footwear products doesn’t end here as Nantico can develop, in close cooperation with customers, tailor made TPU for special needs or applications.