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Nantico Ltd, although a new company in Russian market, realizes the importance of the usage of TPUís in transportation related industries.

TPU, thanks to the unique structure exhibit versatility of properties thatresults in high resilience, good compression set, plus resistance to impacts, abrasions, tears, weather, and even hydrocarbons. TPU offers flexibility without the use of plasticizers as well as a broad range of hardnessís and high elasticity.

Thanks to the specific polymer matrix, TPU bridges the material gap between rubbers and plastics. Its range of physical properties enables TPU to be used as both a hard rubber and a soft engineering thermoplastic.

TPUís can be sterilized, welded, easily processed, colored, painted and printed. TPU grades can be produced to have low temperature flexibility and, in some grades, exhibit biocompatibility, hydrolytic stability,plus flame retardant and anti-static properties.

Transportation related industries like automotive, airspace and railway, are highly demanding industries in terms of characteristics of materials to be used.

This offers a unique competitive edge to TPU and a great opportunity for the usage of TPU materials in the wide range of applications within these industries.

Nantico TPU, being innovative oriented company is able to match the most of these requirements.

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